Moscow will give grants to landlords, which help small and medium businesses

In Moscow began receiving documents from landlords to receive grants. Will help those who are in months quarantine provided support to small and medium businesses — reduced rental rate or give interest-free installments. Such measures saved from bankruptcy with hundreds of outlets.

the Bartenders and wait staff pull out tables into the street — porch open. Despite the fact that revenue was gone for three months, managed to save the team, to negotiate the rent and thus to swim.

“We have agreed that we will have vacation rentals, the rental rate is zero. Plus we agreed that after rental vacation we will have a fixed rental rate, and the rate of turnover”, — said Georgy Naydenov, co-owner of the bar.

Mold dumplings and twist sausages in the shop ready again in four hands. Family Sokolov almost collapsed. Revenue in the first month of quarantine has fallen by 90 percent. Their tent at the food court, like many here, worked only on delivery.

“I Live because the landlord came toward us. We pay, roughly speaking, from 15 to 50 percent of the rents that came before it, plus gave installments,” — says businessman Alexander Sokolov.

Many owners admit that they were extremely disadvantageous financial steps for the future cooperation with the tenants.

“With some, we did not collect the rent, the other half we did. Will it help them, whether their business to exist, time will tell. We hope that will help,” explains the entrepreneur Irina Petukhova.

Landlords and owners of premises in which are located the hotels, points of public catering, trade and services, the city compensates for property and land taxes. Applications for the grant have already begun to take on the website of the Department of economic policy. Send a package of documents to the end of the year.

“There are a number of conditions for the provision of grantovoy support. The owner of real estate must reduce rents by at least 50 per cent for their end users. At least 80 percent of the area of the object should be used for the provision of services in the sphere of public catering, consumer services, hotel services or trade,” — says Kirill Purtov, head of Department of economic policy and development of Moscow.

Check documents for compliance will take at least 20 working days, according to the Department of economic policy. Another 5 days will be required to sign a contract with the recipient of the grant.

Applications from large shopping center with an area of more than 1000 square meters will be processed by the Department of trade and services, and from smaller objects in the prefectures of the districts where they are located. Only grants the city plans to spend more than 15.5 billion. Thus, support will be able to get 6.5 thousand owners and tenants of commercial real estate.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”