Moskalkova: the return of Yaroshenko and bout home discussed

the Commissioner for human rights in Russia Tatyana Moskalkova said on Wednesday that negotiations on the return of Viktor bout and Konstantin Yaroshenko to their homeland are in privacy mode. It was requested by the relatives of the Russians who are in American prisons, told TASS Moskalkova. The Ombudsman gave no details, because “the issue is still not resolved”. Moskalkova added, is in contact with the lawyers of the Russians.

According to Moskalkova, she discussed the release of Yaroshenko and bout a video with the Council of Europe Commissioner for human rights, Dunja Mijatovic. The Commissioner promised that “will raise this issue”, although the US are outside its competence.

Moskalkova hopes to find support from international bodies and the public, “to approach people in a humane, compassionate and fair”.