It’s night. You try to sleep but the buzzing of a mosquito disturbs your sleep. You try to ignore it, but he doesn’t ignore you. His incessant back and forth above your ears begins to weigh on your nerves.

You know he won’t leave you alone. So there is only one solution left: find it and get rid of it. Only, when you turn on the light, there is no more sound and the mosquito is nowhere to be found.

Here is the unstoppable tip that will allow you to attract and neutralize this serial biter without even getting out of bed.

The first thing to do is turn off all the lights in your room. Once this is done, lie on your back in bed and grab a cell phone or tablet. The bigger the screen, the more effective the technique will be.

Set the brightness of your device to maximum then place it on your chest. If you have a light sheet, do not hesitate to raise your knees upwards so that the mosquito will be more easily identifiable when it arrives.

Once you are in the correct position, breathe several times toward your screen. The released CO2 should attract the mosquito near you, reports How-to-Save. You must now arm yourself with patience in one hand and an object to crush the mosquito in the other. After a little while, the insect should appear above your screen and may even land on it.

Now all you have to do is eliminate it and you can return to the arms of Morpheus without anything bothering you anymore.