Mosquitoes are indeed back in France, and their bites are still just as unpleasant. This year, the tiger mosquito is proliferating in a particularly impressive way in the territory, and around sixty departments are already on alert.

Some can in fact be vectors of serious diseases, such as malaria and chikungunya. But even “healthy” tiger mosquitoes are annoying, because they are just as present during the day as they are at sunset.

It is therefore difficult to really get rid of this dipteran, even when you are armed.

So that mosquitoes do not invade you too much, there are a few simple actions to take on a daily basis:

On the other hand, there are many actions, products and tips which claim to be formidable against these little critters, but which are in reality ineffective. Discover in our slideshow the 13 false good ideas to get rid of mosquitoes this summer.

Mosquitoes are so-called “hematophagous” species, meaning they feed on blood. This diet is actually necessary for adult females to lay their eggs. Blood, animal or human, contains proteins which allow their maturation. The mosquito, attracted by CO2 emanations from the human body, generally repeats this blood meal every 48 hours, but the duration can vary depending on the outside temperature.

In any case, the bites occur most of the time at night, and more particularly at dawn or dusk.