Mother immured in a concrete boy arrested

the Inhabitant of the Astrakhan region, a suspect in the murder of 12-year-old son, arrested by the court. In custody she’ll spend two months, said the Investigative Committee.

As previously reported, on June 19 under the concrete floor of a residential building found the body of 12-year-old child, previously declared wanted. According to investigators, the boy left home on March 4 and returned home in the morning the next day. During an argument the mother hit him with a dumbbell, and the baby died, according to investigators. Then, trying to hide a crime the mother has buried her son’s body in the house of the eldest son. The boy’s family tried to confuse the investigation: they have repeatedly reported seeing him around the house and identified on the security cameras, trying to give the appearance that he’s still alive.

the Suspect Galina Morozova — known in the region political figure. She twice ran for the deputies of the regional Duma, in 2019 – for the post of Governor of the Astrakhan region and offered his candidacy for the presidential elections in 2018.

Activists and volunteers for two weeks around the clock searched for the missing child, wrote the head of public organization “Large active mothers of Astrakhan” Galiullina Rimma in Facebook. With Morozova she was familiar, but said her “clinical desire to get to power”. Remembering how I was a wanted child, Galiullina writes: “We ran two weeks”. Then was declared a pandemic, but occasionally it was asked whether the child was found, including Morozov. “Say thank you that we can help. And she hid the hands, smeared in baby blood!”, – said Galiullina.