“This cake is simply exquisite. This recipe is the one that required the most testing. I wanted the cake to have a perfect texture, to be delicious, but not too sweet,” Laura Beaulé told us when we met.

We can attest to this: this incredibly creamy cake is delicious, we devoured it, the photographer and I! “Pistachios, with honey and mascarpone, go well together, it’s a good mix. When you bake, you realize that everything is more complex, you really have to have the right dosage, a small modification can have a big impact on the final result! », adds the cooking enthusiast.

Young mother of little Margot aged 18 months, Laura can’t wait to be able to cook with her. “She’s very curious, she imitates me when I cook, it’s a real pleasure to see her,” says the founder of the website Dash of Honey.

“I had to cook out of necessity and I really got the bug. I watched YouTube videos and many TV shows to learn the different techniques and flavor combinations. I took inspiration from British chef Jamie Oliver, American Molly Baz, and then invited my friends over for dinner to get feedback on my recipes. » Over the years, travels – to Spain, Greece and Italy, among others – have also been a great source of inspiration for discovering new flavors.

During the pandemic, she began sharing her recipes on social media, and in 2021 she launched her website Dash of Honey, where there are now more than 400 recipes.

This first book, simply titled À la la mode de Laura, brings together 100 very varied recipes, from brunch to dinner, including aperitifs, snacks and desserts. She focuses on simple recipes, healthy and delicious dishes that require few steps and that can be cooked every day: fish tacos, focaccia, frittata, crispy coconut shrimp, miso and maple salmon, lasagna with squash, paella, ramen soup, energy balls, pear crisp… “This book is aimed at everyone, both families and young people who like easy, quick, nutritious and tasty recipes. There is something for every taste ! », she believes.

Laura Beaulé realizes that eating habits are changing and that younger generations prefer vegetarian recipes. “You have to learn how to cook tofu and legumes, that’s what I’m often asked. What people look for most are easy recipes, where all the ingredients can be found at the grocery store. Whether it’s for an aperitif, dinner or brunch for Mother’s Day, there are plenty of ideas in the book that will make your life easier! Because cooking is a pleasure. Happy Mother’s Day ! », she concludes, all smiles.

Prep time: 25 minutes

Cooking time: 45 to 55 minutes

Yield: 10 to 12 servings

Wet ingredients

Ingredients for the frosting

Ingredients for toppings