Motorists compensate for almost all costs of transfer of cars on gas

car Owners will be able to pay only 10% of the cost of retrofitting their equipment to the gas in case of approval of the proposal of the energy Ministry.

the Share of subsidies from the state budget for the transfer of cars from gasoline to natural gas is proposed to increase twice — from 30% to 60% of the cost of the conversion. Such offer contains in the letter of the Minister of energy Alexander Novak, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov seen by the RBC.

Gazprom will additionally take over 30% of the costs, with the participation of the subsidiary company “Gazprom gas fuel”, created for the development of NGV market.

the press service of the Ministry confirmed the publication of the initiative of Novak. In General, the government supported the proposal of the Minister, said the representative of Borisov. This measure will help to reduce costs and business, and people in difficult times.

the Price of methane in 2.5-3 times less than the cost of gasoline at a comparable level of consumption in the engine. In the end, even without the subsidy, the vehicle owner pays for the cost of installation of LPG equipment in 1-2 years with moderate mileage and in 5-10 months with an annual mileage of 40-50 thousand km (taxis, light commercial vehicles), calculated in the Analytical center under the government of Russia.

In Russia, while working 484 gas complex, 329 of them belong to the group “Gazprom”. In may 2020, the RF government approved the rules for granting subsidies from the state budget to manufacturers of equipment running on gas. The total amount of subsidies will amount to 3.3 billion rubles for the sale of about 6 thousand units of CNG vehicles. The amount of subsidy depends on the class and weight of the car. For cars running on compressed natural gas (CNG), – 115 thousand rubles, on compressed natural gas (CNG) – 260 thousand rubles.

For buses to CNG subsidies will range from 105 thousand to 1.19 million RUB, liquefied atnative gas (LNG) – from 300 thousand to 3.4 million RUB For trucks and specialized equipment for CNG from 115 thousand to 750 thousand rubles., on LNG – from 300 thousand to 2.5 million rubles.

the Subsidies provided to car manufacturers in the discount on NGV equipment for the buyer. The car must be made no earlier than the year preceding the year of the receipt of the grant, and to comply with environmental class Euro-5 and above.

In Russia in 2014 produced about 18 thousand units of motor vehicles on methane. The customers are offered over 200 models of vehicles in the factory version.