Mukhamedzyanov biathlete won the sprint in

In the framework of the Cup of Russia on biathlon in “Izhevsk rifle” was held the sprint race at men on a distance of 10 km and the Victory in it was celebrated by the representative of the Udmurt Republic Ilnaz Mukhamedzyanov. He finished with the best result of the day – 26 min 18.9 seconds, with one penalty.

Second place went to Slepov Alexey from St. Petersburg, who lost to the winner of the competition of 21.3 seconds. He also once lost target. Third went to Eugene Idinov, representing the Tyumen region (+21.6 seconds, 0 misses).

Later on 29 December will be the women’s sprint. This race completes the race in Izhevsk, which are qualifying tournament for the world Cup and IBU Cup.