In the municipality of Schwanau in Baden-Württemberg’s Ortenau district, the will of the voters apparently collided with the will of the candidates. Because in the mayoral election on Sunday, Alexander Schindler (SPD) actually no longer ran – but won it anyway.

According to “Badischer Zeitung” and “Offenburger Tageblatt”, the 43-year-old even won the absolute majority with 57.78 percent (over 1700 votes) and thus clearly prevailed over the ten other candidates. Schindler could thus become the new mayor of the municipality.

It is unclear whether he will take office. Because two weeks before the election, Schindler, head of the office in the town hall of the municipality of Rust, had declared that he did not want to accept the election for acute health reasons. Despite his withdrawal, Schindler was still formally a candidate, so according to SWR his name was still on the ballot.

If he does not accept the election – he has one week to make a decision – it must be repeated with other candidates and without him.