Murashko: heat does not contagious coronavirus less

the health Minister of Russia Mikhail Murashko on Friday confirmed that the high temperature does not cause a reduction in the activity of coronavirus. The Minister said in an interview Naila Asker-zade on the TV channel “Russia 24”.

Murashko referred to the experience of the countries in which there are the heat and the epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19. The Minister has agreed that there can be a situation when Russia will alternate the introduction of quarantine and its abolition.

“We must be ready. We spent the time when deploy the whole system and the mobilization of health carried out,” said ant.

Murashko told that there are repeated drifts of the virus in areas where the situation was stabilized. Another important factor is climatic. In the spring and autumn period starts acute respiratory disease of other etiology, told Murashko, which can interfere with the spread of COVID-19.

it is Very important, said ant, to prepare for the season of SARS, including to vaccinate against influenza. As expected, Russia Antigrippin campaign will begin in August. The vaccine is already produced, signed ant.