Murashko, Reshetnikov and Khusnullin: meet the new members of the Cabinet

even the current constitutional rules rapidly formed a new Cabinet of Ministers. No government, and business newspaper “Kommersant” pointed out: the former government was full of “checks and balances”, and the new — it team. But who exactly was included? “Vesti on Saturday” will introduce you with three new members of the government. It is clear that concerns all the activities of the Ministers of economy and health, but let’s start with the new Deputy Prime Minister, who is responsible for all construction projects.

– Mr Khusnullin, the first task of the new Federal government has already done. Muscovites dreaming of a winter, and that’s sort of a semblance of it has already arrived.

– That’s for sure. Pleased all the snow, — said the Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin.

Even in the snow not mistake the place where we met — the miracle Zaryadye Park near the Kremlin Park, which instantly became one of the main centers of attraction not only guests, but even seasoned Muscovites.

has Approved the construction of the President. Suggested mayor Sobyanin. Directly supervised the construction of it, 53-year-old Marat Khusnullin.

what is now the new modern handsome train came to long new line of the Moscow metro and the Moscow ring and diameters. Built Khusnullin.

– 155 kilometers to you?

– Yes. 81 station. But even more important than that. Most importantly, we have done the groundwork for the next 5 years. Moscow in the next 5 years each year will take about 10 stations, — said the Khusnullin.

And before that he built the first post-Soviet underground in his native Kazan, and was engaged in the revival of the Kazan Kremlin — the Millennium of the capital of Tatarstan. Actually, it is then working under the guidance of another Mintimer Shaimiev and Rustam Minnikhanov, he was seen in the center. At the state Council 2006 youshared by Putin himself.

Followed by an invitation to the government of the capital, creating hitherto unseen in Russia, the new road junctions and development of New Moscow. But still it happens and as snow on the head. So how unexpected was an invitation to the Federal government?

– I called Mikhail Mishustin. Said that the urgent need to drive, — says Marat Khusnullin.

by the Way, about mishustina. About him often recall that he headed the Federal tax service. But with her current Deputy for the construction he met at another place of employment.

– At one time he headed a special economic zone. And we built in Tatarstan, one of the best in the world special economic zones “Alabuga”. Of the 2 million special economic zones in the world it occupies 54-e a place in efficiency, — said the Khusnullin.

But whether plans to turn around not in rich Moscow and Tatarstan, and in the whole country, so different? Ask him about it, but yet continue acquainted with other new members of the government.

Who is Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova led by the Ministry, which once led itself?

On education, the Minister of health Michael Murashko – also 53-year – old obstetrician-gynecologist. Many years practiced. Doctor of medical Sciences. The first Minister was in the Komi Republic. Recently was head of Roszdravnadzor. And he also called himself the Prime Minister.

– Quickly agreed?

– For each doctor, particularly who is engaged in the organization of health care that is suitable to the way of philosophy, of health, of course, such a proposal is interesting.

And it will return. And yet — to the new Minister of economic development Maxim Reshetnikov.

– How does it work? Here you have a call: let’s Minister. How to respond? I think? I need to speak with my wife? Or immediately: Yes.

I do not think that it is assumed the answer is “no". Rather, I am sure, — said Reshetnikov.

But the 40-year-old Reshetnikov put a condition: “very important For me were those projects that I started in the Perm region, and those things that I promised the residents of the region. Therefore, it’s imperative that all these projects have been completed.

– But the other regions will also get it?

– In this case, I clearly understand that this is a public burden.

Speech — that the President and the Prime Minister gave “good” to going to Federal Ministers, the MP headed the organizing Committee on preparation of celebrating of the 300th anniversary of Perm, to personally monitor the completion of those projects which he started as Governor.

incidentally, with winter weather all right. Ice town has just under Governor Reshetnikovo. But Perm — it of such a land, where the Foundation of even and culture (modern art) always is industry.

what, On which rests the pillars of the Perm? The traditional view is the pillar industry. Less traditional — experimental — art. But it’s not just a column, this sound capsule with the sounds of the Perm factories. So in Perm, make paper. Cable or fibre optic cable. Perm motors, the aircraft industry. Perm — a city of one permanent experiment.

From our interview even 2017.

– In the province in the future. The economy is doing very well. But we need life, space to do, — said Reshetnikov.

– I had a feeling that the industry in the Perm region is one thing, but social life is quite another.

– There is a moment.

In Reshetnikovo opened 7 new clinics and dozens of FAPs. But much more to do and to finish. This summer, the opening of public space in a converted factory Shpagina. By the way, I wonder: at the opening of Reshetnikov was, as it turned out, his predecessor as Minister of economy Oreshkin (he has now moved to the assistants to the President) and the neighbor on econoblog, Finance Minister Siluanov.

But even in this and that, it turns out, not only in Moscow can make life modern. Still, large cities and the rest of the country is often two different worlds.

– is it Possible in the country to do what is possible in Moscow? There is still money and resources. Russia to pull you?

– I believe that it is absolutely possible. The construction is a driver. But I can say on the example of Moscow, which in its total budget construction gives 17% of revenues. I build the same model of a single chain of command, which was in Kazan and Moscow. Therefore, it is necessary to develop infrastructure, raise the necessary capital to repair and renovation housing. These are all things you have to do, — said Marat Khusnullin.

– renovations. Some Muscovites, of course, puffed. But I have many country go. There looked to Moscow and was jealous when the renovation will start? Will develop this project on the rest of the country?

– I believe that this project to develop it is necessary for the country. Yet, maybe start him on the big cities to work. Because renovation is also a lot of money, a change in lifestyle. Its so easy to pick up and start will not work. It is necessary to weigh, to estimate. It should be done. In the country house “aging” quite a serious pace, and this poses a major threat.

And the new head of the Ministry of health asking, in what time frame will the proposed plan to execute President’s order to optimize the salaries of medical workers?

– This applies to the month of April. But the rest of the results of the implementation will go this year. No one should be created the feeling that the doctor working in a Federal institution, is more preferred. Every doctor, every. And primary care in the first place, — said Mikhail Murashko.

– I am glad that the government is very a lot of the regions — admitted Maxim Reshetnikov.

Yesterday, the Governor, on the Federal agenda it looks like this: “a huge amount of work done in recent years. But still it seems to me that we have too little trust in the regions.”

– You became the first Deputy Prime Minister, who held a public meeting under the cameras. And the first thing they said need to immediately change the standards of construction. Obviously they have got. You need to cancel quickly?

– We are preparing a package of measures, because construction is a very large, complex and multifaceted process, — said Marat Khusnullin. And it applies to so many industries. And each has its limitations. As a result, to build almost became impossible in the country. Either build it with violations. So we well know what to do. We are in Moscow and at the regional level is very much cancelled unnecessary requirements. So now the primary task, I think you need all that stopping construction, to repeal at the Federal level. This is the first, what we are very seriously going to do. Happened in Tatarstan, turned out in Moscow. I believe that we need to do.

to – and Succeed in the country?

I’m sure that happens.