Murashko: the situation with payments to doctors is normal

More than 270 thousands of health care workers who treat patients with coronavirus infection, get the appropriate presidential payments, said the head of the Ministry of health Michael Murashko in an interview Naila Asker-zade on the TV channel “Russia 24”. The situation with payments is stable, the Minister said.

According to Murashko, payment is received and nearly 370 thousands of health care workers who are special or outpatient care of patients and ambulance staff, leaving sick people.

the Head of the Ministry of health recognized that in the first stage, when the payments began, there were “so many questions”, from both associations and from the physicians themselves. Now, however, everything returned to normal.

In this regard, the Minister expressed gratitude to the regional leaders and chief physicians of medical institutions, for the fact “that they carefully began to treat”. “This is quality work. So you need to move further”, — said Murashko.

Earlier, the Minister of health spoke about the treatment COVID-19 and the emergence in Russia of vaccines against coronavirus.