Murder on the oncoming lane: Efremov - defendant in two criminal cases

June 8, the actor Mikhail Efremov, being under steam alcohol and under the influence of drugs at the same time, got behind the wheel of his jeep, drove into the oncoming lane of the Garden ring in Moscow and crashed into a car “Lada”. The driver of “Lada” 57-year-old father of two sons Sergey Zakharov in a car accident and died.

the Court artist Ephraim was sent under house arrest at the time of trial — until Aug. According to a criminal article Ephraim the actor faces imprisonment of up to 12 years.

Moscow. June 8. 21:43. Smolenskaya square. Forward leaving van Sergei Zakharov, and after 5 seconds at high speed blows SUV actor Mikhail Efremov. Shocked witnesses – someone short, someone’s already running to help the victims.

And these shots taken in the camera of the bus, which was passing. Video mirror effect, reversed the left and right side. It is clearly visible, as two men open the driver’s door in the car Ephraim. According to records, the artist in the time of the accident the car was one. This was confirmed and arrived on the scene, the traffic police.

“the situation on the scene reason to believe that the car was someone else there. Subsequently can be installed something extra. At present reason to believe that he was not alone, no,” — said Alexey Diomin, Deputy chief UGIBDD of Moscow.

Yefremov was not seriously hurt. The driver of the van, 58-year-old Sergei Zakharov was stuck in a car. In the warped pile of metal you could see only his hand. From blow Sergey broke the ribs, legs, shattered his skull, but he was still alive. He approached people, tried to support. He said: “it hurts.” Pull Zakharova without special equipment was impossible.

the Victim was removed. In the ambulance he was revived and taken to the Institute Sklifosovsky. There came colleagues of Sergey’s work.

“the Injuries were such that the probability that he vyzhYvette was very small. The driver was disciplined, the car is always looked after. Recently he was given a new car as a valuable employee”, — said Sergey Danchuk, head of the transport Department of the Express company.

He died at 5 a.m. from heavy blood loss. Refused internal organs.

Sergei Zakharov was born in the Ryazan region. Here’s his baby pictures. Here lived, coming to Moscow to work. Neighbors who knew him all his life, in shock. Say, the day before the accident, Sergei died mother-in-law.

as for Mikhail Efremov, his after the accident, was taken to a drug clinic for examination. Actor of all time strolling and missed, performing the Romberg test, when it was necessary to touch the finger tip of the nose. A sample of Tashena five times to turn over your shoulder and lock your eyes — could not perform were falling. His blood found a dangerous mix: traces of marijuana, sedative and metabolite of cocaine cocaethylene. It is formed, if the drug is consumed with alcohol.

That night the actor slept with friends. And in the morning, when I had to go in for questioning, staged representation. The police caught him sleeping in the apartment on a stretcher and, it seems, are not immediately recognized in the person of Michael Ephraim.

Ephraim was awakened. He was dressed, then undressed. He said that he bad. Caused different teams of doctors. But they did not want to hospitalize him — did not see reason.

While Yefremov is under house arrest — so the court decided. The actor already interrogated, then put on the electronic leg bracelet and was taken to the apartment so-called “house of writers” in Plotnikov pereulok. Here Efremov will stay at least two months.

At this time, he has no right to leave the place of residence, to communicate with journalists, to send correspondence, to use phone and Internet.

Someone is using a sim card of Ephraim after his arrest, registered in one of the messengers. RodnaI am the daughter of the artist Anna-Maria, who recently shocked the family plans to have a sex change, said that the phone is in the hands of his wife and father-conditions of house arrest is not violated. The police confirmed that the grounds to send Ephraim to jail yet.

the Investigation is. Cops have a lot of questions: where the actor took drugs, who were using, perhaps with friends, as I was driving?

In the back yard of the house at Plotnikov pereulok small Parking area — only for their own. Mikhail Efremov often leave your car here and 8 June, apparently, it is from here began his drunken voyage.

we Stopped in a favorite bar “Ulysses”, almost asking four people. The staff somehow allowed Ephraim inside, despite the limitations in the period of the pandemic. Here is the actor in mid-April, reads a verse dedicated to the coronavirus behind the bar.

the Evening before the accident he spent in “Ulysses,” half an hour. That did not clear all the records from the surveillance cameras were erased. Then Efremov went travelling to Moscow, a minute typing a few fines. And then commits the most terrible accident. According to the staff, his jeep was like out of control.

On the manner of driving of Ephraim can be judged by the fines. Excess of speed, departure on a strip of public transport, a violation of the markup for the last 2 years, Mikhail Efremov, more than 50 times violated the rules of the road, and most of these cases were identified by the systems of photo and video fixation. Nearly all the fines he paid.

For a fatal accident, usually sent to the colony. At the end of the week Yefremov wrote a message to the relatives of Sergey Zakharov. Native Zakharov Mikhail Efremov has offered financial support but no money, no apology, they did not accept.

the Deceased was buried in his native village of Konstantinovo in the Ryazan region. Goodbye came 87-year-old mother, Maria Ivanovna. Didn’t tell her about the accident until recently. In the temple she repeated several times: “Why is he riding?” And saw the son, not youkept.

Mikhail Efremov has played in many famous plays and films. Sometimes, and it’s no secret, he appeared in public openly drunk. But by June 8 it was perceived rather as a part of his image. Now he is the real defendant in two criminal cases: about the drug trade — as a witness — and a fatal accident as a defendant.

Text: “News of the week”