Murmansk as the official tries to profit at the expense of kills her child

the Clerk-avtoledi against the student-cyclist. The scandalous confrontation in the Murmansk region: a former employee of the local Ministry of education knocked at the crossroads of a teenager, and after suing his parents more than 100 thousand rubles. Allegedly, two-wheeled horse boy has damaged its iron horse. And anything that the student himself was injured and needs expensive medical treatment — the clerk needed the money. Is she trying to profit at the expense of the child victim?

For someone to look through a family album — nostalgia, but for the family of 14-year-old Henry Shirshova from the city of Murmansk is preparing for litigation. Most of the pictures on the tablet people who shared the boy’s life into “before” and “after”. Here Henry is still 11 years. As befits a boy in the capital of the Arctic, he dreams of becoming a hockey player. But 12 is a big sport you can forget. Henry miraculously survived the accident. The boy has a severe concussion, broken jaw and broken teeth. It happened in the summer of 2018 in the village Yurkin. Henry on the bike collided with the official car. Lily unfastened cut through the village all the way to his cottage.

in the Summer of this year, the lady sued the family of the student 111 thousand rubles to repair a broken mirror and a few scratches on the body.

“I believe that in this accident I do not blame, because it knocked like me. And me well it was visible on the road,” says the victim is a student.

the Scandalous paradox: with the parents of the injured boy sued a former employee of the regional Ministry of education and science, which was responsible… for the safety of children on roads. Retired lady came from a poor but a typical set official petty: in addition to cosy cottages, apartment in the panel Estetica in the city center, machine with a beautiful room that is unfastened, as usual some officials have issued not for themselves but for their elderly mother. This, of course, traces wouldlogo success, now women have, ostensibly, no money even to repair car mirror broken for two years hangs on the tape. The lady explained not in a hurry, hiding from the media, dialogue with her relatives only through the intercom.

This story instantly caused a storm of controversy. Because, among other things, there is also the eternal debate between drivers and cyclists. Witnesses of the collision, there is only the testimony of the former official and the student. And these stories are so contradictory, as if we are talking about different accidents. To remain objective, consider both versions.

so, the version of the official, which was supported by the court. Lily unfastened, allegedly went with a speed about 20 kilometers per hour — the maximum allowed in the village, about and then misleading signs. The lady, according to her, played before the collision and slammed on the brakes, but the boy allegedly pulled into the intersection at such a breakneck speed that has damaged her Volkswagen and was seriously injured. “He went this way. It seemed to me that he was driving at such a high speed, and his head was still turned off. He turned to the side, looked to the left while driving. And so I immediately began to slow down,” says Lily unfastened

the Judge’s testimony was granted, but family Sirovich — no. The parents of the kid are going to file a counter-claim money for treatment and rehabilitation of the child. The boy told the opposite story. Allegedly, he even stood still when him at high speed was hit by a car. “Here he here went, said, got up here so, I began to see where his friends went. And at this moment his Bach machine. Here there was driving this car,” says Ottar of the child victim Alexey Shirshov.

Police in the Murmansk region refused to comment on both versions. However, their conclusions are already known. Cameras in yurkyne no posts too. Compliance with speed here — on conscience of drivers. As a result, official diagram of the accident is not even listed in the clashes — only the point at which slowed down the car. The road inspectors seemed to have chosen a middle ground: wines of the former official has not been proven, and the student claims not due to age. The rest of the boy, allegedly, he is guilty: went to a secondary road on the main. And generally up to 14 years old are prohibited to ride a Bicycle on the roadway. And nothing in yurkyne, as in many other towns of the country, there are no sidewalks, so all the kids ride there bikes illegally.

the family’s Lawyer Sirovich Dmitry Buyanov came to a different conclusion. He believes that towns without sidewalks, and courtyards, meet the standards of the so-called “residential zone”. This is the area where the advantage of movement is always for pedestrians and cyclists, and passage, as in the case unfastened, it is forbidden. In addition, the hands of a lawyer the results of an independent examination. It showed that the car allegedly slowed down too far from the intersection for a speed of 20 kilometers per hour. “For permissible limitations on this stretch of 20 kilometers per hour the car moved at a speed of about 45 kilometers per hour, i.e. more than twice exceeded the speed limit on this stretch of road,” — emphasizes the lawyer Dmitry brawlers.

If this examination has taken in court, perhaps the solution would be different. Or it would have found some mistakes. But, according to the lawyer, the judge simply refused to consider the conclusions of the expert. Now the more suspicious it sounds strange clause of the former official, who somehow also ignored: “Is subjective, of course, but I think not more than 40… no more than 20 kilometers per hour…”.

it is possible that both sides are disingenuous. The boy might be afraid that it will punish the parents, the former clerk — that it will be punished by law. Now to deal with it the court.

Experts in this story confuse other details. Yurith Cuckow — experienced master to repair wrecked cars. After examining the pictures of the damage, he admits that a series of scratches may be traces of other accidents. Indeed, according to information from open sources, the 2016 Volkswagen official was twice involved in an accident in Parking lots. And not the fact that it then repaired, according to a two-year Scotch on the mirror. But even if all traces of the same accident, the scope of the claims, according to the master, is too great. “The repair can be carried out for 25-35 thousand rubles,” — said the master.

But these are details. The main issue is not the amount, but that broken car mirror even compare with the broken life of a child.

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