Muscovites and citizens are allowed to vote on amendments online

the Central election Commission approved the holding of electronic distance voting on amendments to the Constitution of Russia in two regions: Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod region. About this informed the head of Central electoral Commission, Ella Pamfilova.

a Meeting of the Central election Commission goes, but the hall is empty. Everything on the Internet. The remote vote and decided to discuss remotely. The meeting takes place in an online format via videoconference.

to hold a vote on the amendments to the Constitution through the Internet claimed five regions. The CEC discussed each and chose two.

“During voting we can vote remotely in Moscow and in Nizhny Novgorod region”, — said Ella Pamfilova, head of the CEC.

the Online format in these regions will be offered in parallel with traditional forms of voting. To participate in the plebiscite remotely in Moscow and in Nizhny Novgorod region will be from 25 to 30 June — on a single portal But first it is necessary to leave an application on website services.

“In the trial we this form is already implemented and ready to open. If approved today, tomorrow all will be revealed”, — said Maksut Shadaev, Minister for digital development, communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation.

as for the real, not virtual polling stations, the security measures during the plebiscite there will be the maximum. Disinfection, masks, gloves, required tests for observers and members of election commissions. To avoid crowds, to vote not only on 1 July, and for 6 days prior to this date.

the decision of the CEC was discussed today in the Public chamber. Suggested antivirus format of voting support.

“We looked at the international experience – now, during a pandemic coronavirus in 11 countries on different levels, a vote was taken, including in the United States, France, South Korea, and I can definitely say that the measures for the protection of health, which predosmotreli we are much more deep and meaningful nature. I would say that made everything possible”, — said Maxim Grigoriev, the Director of Fund of research of problems of democracy, member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation.

to Participate in voting on amendments to the Constitution are determined two-thirds of Russians. These are the findings of a fresh sociological researches VTSIOM.

More than 80% of them believe that the proposed measures will help to avoid the risk of infection by the coronavirus during the plebiscite. Three quarters of those wishing to participate in the procedure I believe that the polling stations will be able to provide epidemiological safety.