Mutilating patients lieferung Alain Verdi died without leaving a coma

In Krasnodar, investigators are checking the circumstances of death of 38-year-old patient of one of hospitals of the city.

according to local media, we are talking about Alena Verdi, which without the corresponding diploma has been a plastic surgeon and maimed many patients that it became known as the “Krasnodar Frankenstein”.

She died on the early morning of June 15, without regaining consciousness. Her body is directed on a forensic medical examination, reports “News. Kuban”.

Earlier it was reported that Verdi had to appear at the first hearing on the brought in its relation criminal case. However, she did not come, and then it became known that the woman fell into a coma and was in intensive care on a ventilator.

Then it became known that she repeatedly violated the conditions of house arrest, and the court was going to change her preventive measure. According to a source familiar with the situation, may 30, Verdi found in the beauty parlor unconscious and sent to hospital.

in the Spring of 2019, the woman accused of causing of heavy harm to health of their patients, tried to fly to Israel, but she was detained.