Muzhdabaev arrested in absentia

Journalist muzhdabaev remanded in custody in absentia. The corresponding decision was made on Friday, June 26, the Basmanny court of Moscow, having satisfied the petition of the investigation.

Murzabaeva assigned to two months of arrest. Period will be calculated from the moment of detention of the accused on the territory of Russia or extradited to the country, reports “Interfax”.

Earlier it was reported that the muzhdabaev declared in the international search. He is charged with public appeals to terrorist activities. Being on the territory of Ukraine, the journalist published text materials. They talked about the violent actions aimed at the exchange of convicted Oleg Sentsov. The latter is a Ukrainian Director. In September of 2019, he was released in the exchange of detained persons between Moscow and Kiev.

In 2015, the muzhdabaev moved to permanent residence to Ukraine, where he held the position of Deputy General Director of Ukrainian TV channel ATR.