Name Meghan Markle made the verb

the Name of the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle became a verb. The English-speaking Internet users use the phrase “to Meghan Markle” to mean “to value yourself and your mental health enough to leave the place or situation, where your true “I” is not welcome”.

the term social network has shared the actress and former Radio One presenter Jamila Jamil. 2.7 million subscribers to her appreciated the neologism, writes The Sun.

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“I “did Meghan Markle” three years ago, remained one with two children, moved to the other end of the world and left loved ones. It was the best decision of my life,” shared one of podeschi.

January 8 it became known that the Duke of Sussex Prince Harry and his wife decided to resign from the Royal prerogative and to live apart from the British Royal family. After that, Meghan Markle flew to Canada, where waiting for her little son, Prince Archie. Later they were joined by Prince Harry. He stayed in the UK to reach an agreement with the Royal family. They managed to agree on what Gary and Megan would not continue to fulfill Royal duties and will lose the titles.

the Decision on addition from itself powers of the Royal couple were taken, wanting to achieve financial independence. They agreed to live alternately in great Britain and Canada.

After became aware of the “office” of the Dukes of Sussex from the Royal family, the British came up with for this event marking Megxit (the”Magnit”) – by analogy with Brexit (od the UK from the EU).