Name of student Svetlana Anufrievoy call premium sign for volunteers

the Ulyanovsk medical College, where he studied volunteer Svetlana Anurova, posthumously awarded by the President, will receive her name. In addition, the Governor of Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov has presented mock awards sign “For contribution to development of volunteerism named Svetlana Anufrievoy”.

As reported in the official group of the regional government “Vkontakte”, the students and staff of the medical College asked the Governor to assign the institution name of Anufrievoy. Morozov has signed the corresponding order.

Meanwhile, “Ulyanovsk Pravda” reported the sign, which the region plans to award to outstanding volunteers.

19-the summer student of medical College, being terminally ill, continued to help the needy during the epidemic COVID-19. Activists of the movement “We are together” began on may 31 this year.

Svetlana was the last stage of cancer, however, knew only relatives. Girlfriend girls, coordinator of the movement “Volunteer doctors” Aigul told Minnibaeva KP.Ru that Svetlana was the last to get food and medicine to those who are trapped at home because of the quarantine.

“I Tried not to show pain, taught us to smile in spite of everything, – says Aigul. Until she was in intensive care, we didn’t even know she had cancer”.

on 29 June, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin posthumously awarded Svetlana Yurieva for the dedication during combat the spread of coronavirus.