Named products, can reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood

the Doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov called the products that can reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. The TV channel “Russia 1” it is called the most effective products: nuts, rice, fish and green tea. With only 70 grams of nuts can reduce cholesterol levels as effectively as 10 milligrams of atorvastatin is one of the most popular drugs to reduce this figure, says butchers.

Wild rice also contains a chemical that is part of the drugs to combat high cholesterol. A polyunsaturated fatty acid found in fish, raise good cholesterol and lower bad. And the red grapes, especially the skin, contains resveratrol, the biologically active substance which is very beneficial for blood vessels.

Closes the list of enemies for high cholesterol garlic: enough to eat in one slice, concluded the doctor.

Previously, Dr. butcher said, like headache tablets only reinforce it.