Named products that will definitely help to lose weight

In the period of self-isolation of coronavirus, many people noticed that I gained weight. On air of TV channel “Russia 1” the doctor Sergey Agapkin responded to the request of a TV viewer called “fat burning” foods that will help to lose weight.

“actually, there is one very simple answer to this question: uneaten foods help to lose weight,” said Agapkin.

He also explained: “When you say “fat burning foods”, it should be understood that all of these products work in a deficit of calories and not work when you continue to eat the buns-cheesecake and wash it all down with sweet soda water.”

Therefore, says Agapkin, you just have to go on a low calorie diet.

“there’s a very simple principle: if you eat pasta, replace them with some zucchini, eggplant, Yes, even really young potatoes. If you eat pork, substitute beef or chicken. If you eat cheese, which has a fairly high fat content, replace with fresh salted cheeses in which the fat content is much less,” — said the expert.

All this, multiplied by physical activity (household or exercise), will cause the kilos go away.

“In fact, studies show that even 20 minutes a day of physical activity is a good step to weight reduction”, — concludes the doctor.

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