Named smartphone with the most smooth interfaces

the Developers of test platform MasterLu has released a ranking of the most smooth user interfaces for Android and the most smooth-running smartphones in 2019-th year. It is reported by Gizmochina.

Top smartphones, best reacts to the interaction with the user, he headed released in the fall of Huawei flagship device 30 Mate Pro 5G. The result in the test – 174,84 points. Followed by Nubia Red Magic 3S, and the third place went to the OnePlus 7T Pro.

In the first top ten also includes Honor V30, Oppo Reno Ace Realme X2 Pro, Pro 16s Meizu, Vivo, NEX 3 5G, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and 5G Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G.

as for the rating of the front-end add-ons, the best were HydrogenOS – Chinese version of OxygenOS used smartphone brand OnePlus. It is noted that the principles of the structure of this interface has not changed for several years, which is convenient to users. In addition, he has been the most stable.

the Second place was taken by the JOY shell UI (installed on smartphones Xiaomi Black Shark), the third – Nubia UI from ZTE, and from Huawei EMUI – only the fourth.

Text: To.Hi-tech