Named the most popular names in Russia in 2019

the Most popular names for newborn boys in 2019 were Artem, Alexander, Mikhail and Ivan. In girls the most popular names Sophia, Victoria, Anne, Mary and Alice. Such data results the Federal tax service.

Leaders of the past as well as were Artem and Sofia.

Among the most rare names for boys was porphyry, Vlastislav, Poseidon, Elisha and Ladomir. In the list of the original names for girls Milorad, Theoktistos, Zlatoslava, Capitolina, Sentiabria, Matrona and Deva.

According to the Unified register of records of acts of civil status, boys in Russia are born than girls (51.45 percent). Two-thirds of births have on the first and second child in the family.