Named the most popular smartphone of 2019

Experts of “Yandex.Store” shared with the editors of the News.Hi-tech analysis of the user interest to different models of phones. Curiously, headed the list of “smartphone of the year” not the device, which is previously set to the first line analysts retail chains.

Analysis “Yandex.Market” based on the number of user clicks to the sites online stores on the links from the pages of the service descriptions of the devices. It turns out that most visitors “Market” interested in the Xiaomi devices (30% conversion), Samsung (20%) and Apple (16%), but the Huawei device (according to retailers, brands and Huawei Honor amount is 30% of the Russian market) in the top only one.

top ten most popular smartphones the Russians in 2019, the year looks like this:

the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 4/64GB (our review).Samsung Galaxy 64GB A50.Apple iPhone 64GB XR (review).Xiaomi Redmi 6A 2/16GB.Honor 8X 4/64GB (review).Apple iPhone 128GB XR.Samsung Galaxy S10e 6/128GB.Xiaomi Redmi 7 3/32GB.Apple iPhone 7 32GB.X Apple iPhone 64GB. (review)

Simple push-button phones were interested in only 3% of visitors “Yandex.Market”.

Interestingly, the same analyst on the Russian market of smartphones from leading retailers looks different. Obviously, much of the shops on “Yandex.Market” consists of companies that sell informally imported into Russia (the so-called “grey”) devices. More on the grey market just gadgets Xiaomi and Apple due to the fact that official, “white” sellers they are much more expensive.

Text: To.Hi-tech