Named the most ruinous to the Russians mobile game

the Expenses of the Russians for mobile apps, games, subscriptions in and in-app purchase for the first time exceeded a billion dollars. According to a study by App Annie, which refers to “Kommersant”, this figure rose over the year by 40% and amounted to 1.06 billion dollars. For comparison, the global mobile market grew twice slower by 20%, while volume reached $ 120 billion.

most of the money the Russians spent in developed by the Chinese Studio Mechanist Internet Technologies the game “the Great Sultan”, and the most profitable for the makers of non-game app became “Vkontakte”. Accurate records of the earnings of individual products, App Annie does not disclose.

the largest number of downloads (and, at the same time, spent in application time) became in Russia the WhatsApp messenger. Along with other messengers it takes about 50% of the time spent by the Russians in applications. But most of all for this indicator for the year increased app with short video TikTok – in this the Russians began to carry out compared to 2018 for 860% more time. Among the highest growth occurred in the category of “Food and drink” – from applications fast food chains and food delivery.

Among the leaders in the downloads (in the categories “Finance” and “Retail” respectively) were seen application of “Taxes FL” the Federal tax service and application “Mail of Russia”.

Text: To.Hi-tech