National player Lina Magull (28) has demanded higher salaries in view of the structures in German women’s football. “In my opinion, a minimum wage would be appropriate, because as a professional footballer you should be able to concentrate on the sport,” said the FC Bayern midfielder of the “FAZ” before the DFB team’s friendly against Sweden on Tuesday (6:15 p.m. / ZDF) in Duisburg.

She hopes that a Bundesliga player “receives enough money so that she doesn’t have to work on the side so that she can make ends meet”. Because: “We live in the year 2023, you should find ways.” When it comes to women’s football, you have to be “active” and remain “present”. “We are doing everything we can to ensure that our boom continues and that development continues.”

Not only since the successful European Championships last summer, when the German selection only lost to hosts England in the final (1: 2), was the sporting development going in the right direction, said Magull. “The pace is faster, the combinations of passes are much more fluid and there are goals that are just great to watch.”

In addition, the new presentation of the Champions League is making progress in marketing. “Profound changes in training” would also make themselves felt. “Today, more and much better trained coaches take care of the players,” said Magull.

However, Magull sees major infrastructural differences between the top clubs in the Bundesliga such as Wolfsburg, Bayern or Frankfurt and the remaining first division clubs. There are “still clubs where the conditions are not yet at this level,” she said. “And if we compare ourselves with the possibilities at the international top clubs, we see what we are still missing in Germany.”

Financial efforts are being made at Paris St-Germain, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona or the teams from the English Women’s Soccer League “that nobody here in Germany can match,” said Magull.