Nature turned on the convection: Russia waiting for the weekend, with hail showers

In the Moscow region declared an emergency warning about the storm and heavy downpour until the end of Thursday. June 11. The same warnings, but on Friday, June 12, widespread in the Volga region. The video with the Studio of the channel “Russia 24” is a leading expert of the center of PHOBOS Elena Volosyuk.

What — again, wait for the floods? I’m afraid so. Today, as expected, involved the processes of convection, so that at night in places will pass rains, accompanied by thunder. And on June 11 from the North will approach a storm front, and then the bad weather will clear up in earnest.

In Bashkortostan rain and hail. In the Sverdlovsk region and Syktyvkar – shower. In the Chelyabinsk region – heavy rain.

in the Afternoon of 11 June the epicenter of bad weather moved into the Northern regions of European Russia to the Urals. Rains hit the Vologda oblast and the Komi Republic. Rains, sometimes with hail, loaded in Bashkortostan, Udmurtia. Perm region, Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions.

Meanwhile, in the center of Russia continues to be affected by the consequences of yesterday’s bad weather. According to local residents in the Kalyazin district of the Tver region came from the banks of the river washed away the road. Interrupted traffic between the five villages.

Restore rain damaged the track and in the suburbs. Work is underway on repair of the bridge over the river dummy near the village of Big Pokrovka in Moscow.

radar is saying that Russian plain surrounded on all sides by thick clouds. The most extensive arrays of cloud associated with cold fronts, are observed in the North of black earth. And Western boundaries of the individual peaks reach 12 kilometers. Here have already started to thunder storm

the Action of a cold front is already being felt in the North-Western Federal district. In the Novgorod region at a distance less than 150 kilometers, the temperature varies by almost 10 degrees. At the same time in the Russian capital by three o’clock the thermometer reached 30 degrees mark. And in Krasnodar just two-tenths left before the record heat of 2010, this +34,5!

Area of precipitation associated with a cold front moved slowly South. On 12 June it will cover the middle band of the country and bring more than 10 millimeters of rain. Moscow front will be held in the daytime in the stage of maximum development. So in the capital of showers and thunderstorms again expected to be strong.

the North of the country have found themselves in the cold, and it is expected to not more than +10 degrees. And in the entire southern half will be dominated by the 30-degree heat. Moreover, in the South of Russia the temperature will rise above the level +35.

To the North and South, tomorrow the situation radically will not change. But the average latitude separates both air masses. In the South Central area of 25-30 degrees in the earth and above. In the North of the black earth the heat subsides, cold to 20 degrees.

Moscow +30 degrees, the heating is continued and threatened the record in 1998, when the June 11, was recorded temperature of 31.3 degrees. But due to daytime convection in the sky over the capital will rise caps a powerful Cumulus clouds, and at the end of the working day in certain areas it is not excluded short thunderstorms. The heat will begin to subside only after sunset. And at night, with the approach of atmospheric front, the capital will suit a range of storm clouds.

on Friday, June 12, Muscovites expect showers and thunderstorms, sometimes with hail and squally wind increase. The strongest they are expected tomorrow afternoon and will bring a total of 25 to 30 millimeters of rain or about 40% of the monthly norm. With tangible temperature reduction will be in the second half of the day. In addition, it will increase the North-easterly wind.

And on Saturday, when from the North, break through the cold air, the temperature in Moscow can not reach even to 20. But on Sunday. June 13, weather calm, and a bit warmer. And in the beginning of the new week will return this summer.

Text: Meteotest