Navalny is suspected of slandering a war veteran

Alexei Navalny has become a defendant in another criminal case. It opened a Moscow investigators on charges of slander against veterans of the great Patriotic war of Ignat Artemenko. A video of a war veteran, Ignat Artemenko with his position on the amendments to the Constitution were placed on one of the Federal information resources. 2 Jun 2020 Navalny posted this video in their social media accounts, with false information, discrediting honor of the 93-year-old veteran.

After that, an elderly man had a heart attack. Spread slander among a wide range of individuals to the investigators of the Central Board of the investigative Committee in Moscow has assessed under part 2, article 128.1 of the Russian Criminal code (“Slander, i.e. dissemination of knowingly false information discrediting the honor and dignity of another person and damaging his reputation, contained in a public speech”), reports “Interfax”.

Penalties for libel assumes the penalty to one million rubles or compulsory works of up to 240 hours.

to Understand the law enforcement authorities of insulting the veteran was offered the first Deputy Secretary of the Public chamber of Russia Vyacheslav Bocharov.