Need help: Alain Grosheva will save an expensive drug

Вести.Ru and the Russian aid Fund have teamed up to help seriously ill children. In the framework of the project we talk about the children, their parents, who are in trouble, sorrow and need, desperate to find money for the treatment. There is nothing worse than suffering child – and nothing more joyful than his recovery. Every week we tell stories about children to raise funds for their treatment. Without your help the children can not cope.

Today we tell about six months Alena Grosheva from Yekaterinburg.

the girl has a dangerous congenital disease, infant acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The disease has taken a severe form, save only Alain can a bone marrow transplant. The donor will be someone close to the girls, but first it should be brought into a stable remission. This requires expensive therapy anticancer drug blinatumomab. But the cost of this medication is not covered by hoskote, and to pay his parents Alena not.

a letter From Anna Grosheva, moms Alena: “my Daughter was born healthy and strong. But when she was four months old, got sick. Inflamed left eye, and a pediatrician from the local clinic prescribed treatment of conjunctivitis. A few days later, Alena was having trouble breathing. In the ambulance they took her to the hospital, doctors conducted a survey. When he came to the blood test result, it was found that in the body there are tumor cells! After the punctures the bone and the spinal cord, the doctors diagnosed blood cancer in the heavy form. It was for us a terrible blow! After the first chemotherapy cycle, the number of tumor cells in the bone marrow has decreased, but a small number still remains. The doctors told us that with this type of leukemia, like Alenka, for treatment required a bone marrow transplant. The donor will either be my elder daughter, Natasha, or I will. But that the operation was successful, Alena is necessary to achieve a remission, and this should help expensive medication blinatumomab. We will have to buy the drug themselves. But the amount is too bigI. My husband and I are engineers, small income, raising two children, himself us such money not to collect. Please help!”

To save Alena Grosheva lacks 828 080 RUB

Head of the pediatric Oncology unit No. 2 Regional children’s hospital Oleg Arkaev (Yekaterinburg): “For health reasons Alena required drug therapy drug blinatumomab, which will help to achieve remission. Unfortunately, this drug is not on the ward.”

Cost of the medicine 1 521 000 rubles.

99 221 RUB gathered viewers STRC “Ural”.

18 609 RUB gathered viewers of OTV.

575 090 RUB gathered readers

lacks 828 080 RUB


Rusfond (the Russian aid Fund) was established in the fall of 1996 for the help to authors of desperate letters in “Kommersant”. Having checked up letters, we place them in the “y” on the sites,, Вести.Ru in the air “the First channel” and radio “Kommersant FM”, social networks, and 172 in print, television and online media. Possible transfers from the Bank cards, electronic cash and the SMS, including from abroad (details on We just help you to help. Total collected in excess of 14,026 billion rubles In 2019 (25 Dec) collected 1 401 576 962 RUB, the assistance received 1895 children. Rusfond is the winner of the national award “Silver Archer” for the year 2000 is included in the register of NGOs – performers of public utility services. In 2019 Rusfond won a presidential grant for the project “Coincidence. Expedition marrow donor”, and the grant of mayor of Moscow for the project “Save a life – become a bone marrow donor” and a grant from the Department of labor and social protection of population of Moscow for the project “Capital of twins.” The President of the Russian aid Fund Lev Ambinder – laureate of the State prize of the Russian Federation.

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