Need help: Alice Litoiu will save exchange treatment

Вести.Ru and the Russian aid Fund have teamed up to help seriously ill children. In the framework of the project we talk about the children, their parents, who are in trouble, sorrow and need, desperate to find money for the treatment. There is nothing worse than suffering child – and nothing more joyful than his recovery. Every week we tell stories about children to raise funds for their treatment. Without your help the children can not cope.

Today we talk about Litheos year-old Alice from Novosibirsk.

the girl has osteogenesis imperfecta – a severe congenital disorder of increased bone fragility. Accurate diagnosis Alice put not immediately before that, she had suffered a lot of fractures, obtained simply from careless or clumsy movements. Due to fractures of the Alice can not develop normally physically, in their one and a half years just learned to sit. It is necessary to continue the comprehensive treatment in the clinic, global medical Systems (GMS Clinic, Moscow), where she has already completed three courses, fractures began to happen less frequently, had a chance to put Alice on her feet. Treatment should continue, but the girl’s parents no way to pay for it.

a letter of Mary Litheos, mother Alice: “the First turning point for Alice was when she turned a month old, the left handle broke during a routine medical examination. In four months, there was a fracture of the tibia. No sooner had the bone to grow together, as broken again. A geneticist explained to us that my daughter’s bones porous and very fragile, directed us to the city hospital. But there is no cure offered, and fractures lasted ten months my daughter broke her hip and arm while trying to roll over. And a half years Alice suffered 15 fractures! We went to a specialty clinic, global medical Systems (GMS Clinic, Moscow). There Alice showed severe genetic disease “osteogenesis imperfecta”. With the aid of Rusfond, we have three times took place in Moscow drug treatment pamidronate that growingem bones. Thanks to everyone who helped us! Alice’s condition has improved, fractures became less daughter alone sits. But Alice was able to walk, it is necessary to continue the treatment. To pay it we can not – we have two children, my husband is unstable and low wages. Please help!”

To save Alice Litheos not enough RUB 179 277

Alena Gavrila, pediatrician of the Center for congenital disorders, Clinic global medical Systems (GMS Clinic, Moscow): “Without a complex treatment of children with this form of the disease, like Alice, have virtually no chance to stand up and learn to walk without support. As the therapy with pamidronate in combination with physical rehabilitation, the girl began conducting at an early age, the fractures began to happen less, Alice actively acquires new motor skills. Treatment should continue, and we hope that in the future she will be able to walk independently and will develop, keeping up with peers”.

Cost of a course of treatment 544 320 RUB

42 297 RUB gathered viewers GTRK “Novosibirsk”

19 920 RUB gathered viewers “NSK 49”

302 826 RUB gathered readers, and

missing 277 179 RUB



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