Need help: Nastya Rozhkova save operation on the spine

Вести.Ru and the Russian aid Fund have teamed up to help seriously ill children. In the framework of the project we talk about the children, their parents, who are in trouble, sorrow and need, desperate to find money for the treatment. There is nothing worse than suffering child – and nothing more joyful than his recovery. Every week we tell stories about children to raise funds for their treatment. Without your help the children can not cope.

Today we talk about 16-year-old Nastya Rozhkova from the Moscow city of Dzerzhinsky.

Three years ago, the girl suddenly developed scoliosis. The treatment does not work, spinal curvature progresses rapidly and has already reached the most severe. Nastya hard to breathe, stand and sit, she is suffering from back pain, which increased headaches. Help can only operation – set on the spine of the fixing metal. But this operation costs more than a million rubles, and such money at parents of Nasti not.

a letter From Irina Nikitina, Nastya’s mom: “Three years ago a daughter like jinxed – is straight back bent and never straightened. We went to the orthopedist, who diagnosed scoliosis and recommended massage, swimming and physiotherapy. But it was all in vain, not even the hard wearing orthopedic corset. The girl was growing and the curvature is rapidly increased, gradually formed a hump, Nastia has become difficult to sit and stand. Now my daughter has to do homework lying down. The hardest to endure back pain. Doctors say that conservative treatment will not help: needed surgery, and as soon as possible. The doctors are planning to install Nastya metal structure, which will lock the spine in the correct position. But such treatment costs a lot of money which our family does not have. Please help me!”

To save Anastasia Rozhkova not enough RUB 820 656

the head of the Center of spine of LLC “Clinical hospital on Yauza” Johnshe Baklanov (Moscow): “Nastia right-sided thoracolumbar scoliosis of the 4th degree, a progressive form; there is a squeezing of the chest, increases cardio-pulmonary insufficiency. Need surgery, which will eliminate the strain and pain and also prevent possible complications. After a period of rehabilitation the quality of life for girls will improve dramatically”.

Cost of operations 1 168 789 RUB

348 133 RUB gathered readers ria.GII

Not enough RUB 820 656



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