She sometimes comes with a stick and shouts ‘free my cats’.” This is the story of harassment that Martine Le, a resident of Saint-André-le-Gaz in Isère, says she suffered. In a video interview with Le Dauphine Librée, this woman of Asian origin says that she and her husband have been experiencing a strange neighborhood conflict for four years, to say the least. This neighbor would indeed be convinced that the couple would try to eat their pets.

She wouldn’t budge on the subject of the famous cats. “Every day, they put bait behind the house to catch them,” she assured the daily Le Progrès. The neighbors for their part just assure that the felines regularly escape from their owner’s home to cross their garden and go to a field not far away.

“It’s very tiring, we work every day (…) she comes all day, even at night (…) I have to take pills,” says Martine Le. Tired of their neighbor’s insults, indicates Midi Libre, the couple would have installed surveillance cameras. and notified the municipal authorities as well as a justice conciliator.

The mayor of Saint-André-le-Gaz, Magali Guillot, told Le Progrès that she could not find a solution. “This is a matter that we cannot resolve,” declared the councilor.

Neighborhood conflicts can be particularly complicated to manage on a psychological level. There are legal remedies to try to protect yourself from this.