New ATM savings Bank has a return forgotten money

new ATM-recycler Sberbank launched the return of the forgotten money. It is possible to reduce the number of such cases at 30 percent.

In June this year, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank Stanislav Kuznetsov told reporters that the Bank will gradually transfer the traditional ATMs to recycling machines that allows you to use the tools that have made clients for cash.

As explained in the credit institution, the savings Bank decided to simplify the life of customers even in unusual situations, ATM-recycler was introduced return of lost money. For example, if a customer in an ATM ordered a certain amount of relief, and then, distracted, went and took the money, the ATM will take it back and will automatically transfer to the card from which the operation is carried out withdrawal.

Also, the Bank recalled that it had implemented the function of informing the customer that has forgotten the card at an ATM, via SMS. This led to the fact that customers have forgotten their cards at ATMs twice as often.

To date, the Sberbank already converted 40 per cent of the network. Traditional ATMs was replaced by ATMs-recycling machines that allows you to receive and make up to 300 bills at a time. It is expected that the shift to ATMs in the recirculation will be completed in 2021.

Today the network of Sberbank consists of 77 thousand ATMs across Russia, reminds RIA Novosti.