New child benefits: a view from Sebastopol

more than 270 billion roubles will allocate the government on the new lump sum for children under the age of 16 years. That families will receive another 10 thousand rubles for each child, Vladimir Putin said Tuesday in an address to the citizens. Our correspondent in Sevastopol, talked with those who relate to measures of support.

the pandemic coronavirus makeup artist Olga Zhbankova lost almost half of revenues. Beauty salons were closed, customers were not. Federal payment — 10 thousand roubles on the child — has become a powerful tool. Re-payment will also fall by the way.

“This, of course, doubly pleased, because you will not only acquire some basic food, but also to create some kind of a cushion for our family in the event that to be able to survive,” — says Olga Zhbankova.

that 10 thousand rubles for the Russian child families will pay more per month, said the President of Russia in a televised address on June 23. To get this amount again have the right to all families who are raising children under the age of 16.

“it will also be eligible children who are not yet born. That is, children who are born in families up to 30 June 2020, says Svetlana Bugayenko, the head of the branch of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in Sevastopol. — Be eligible children who are already in the month of June was 16 years old.”

April money under the decree of the head of state has already received 25.5 million children in Russia. The total amount reached 274 billion rubles. In Sevastopol, the subsidy received by the parents of 67.5 thousand children.

the new payment did not have anywhere to go to those who have already received 5 or 10 thousand on the kid through the Pension Fund this year. Them funds will transfer automatically, without application. Rest is recommended to apply on the portal of state Services.

Money promise to pay later, eight days after application. Now for Sevastopol families accessn a range of measures of social support. Regional authorities ordered to pay three thousand rubles to anyone with children. On behalf of the President three thousand get parents who have lost their jobs.

“Since June of this year introduced a new measure of social support — a monthly cash payment for a child aged 3 to 7 years”, — says Alla Cordoba, Deputy Director of the Department of labour and social protection of Sevastopol.

This is another five thousand. Their parents already paid 3170 children. The amount is noticeable, you say to Sevastopol.

“I child had not received even once no help, were not — neither me nor my husband. Of course, these 10 thousand somehow recoup the costs.”

those who have not applied, there is still more than three months. Applications are accepted until September 30.