New gaming computer Dell like Nintendo Switch

Dell showed a concept portable gaming PC Concept UFO. Its designers clearly inspired by the Nintendo example Switch: the prototype device has detachable controllers and form factor of the tablet, and it also can be connected to the TV.

presentation of the Concept of UFO took place in the framework of the exhibition CES 2020 in Las Vegas. The left and right gamepads, unlike a Switch, attached to the main screen on the magnets, and the diagonal of screen: 8 inches versus 6.2. The device works on Windows 10 with a special application Dell for easy navigation in the catalog of games.

In the foreseeable future, the company plans not to release the UFO Concept as a commercial product, and to poeksperimentirovat with different form factors. Despite this, journalists were to see a working prototype of the device.

According to the impressions of Engadget, Dell gaming PC is much more cumbersome than the Switch – arms are getting tired to keep it up after half an hour of the game. “Triggers” are pressed tight, besides they have too much stroke.

racing is F1 Racing, running in standalone mode, Concept UFO handled adequately, giving a frequency of at least 30 frames per second. While being connected to TV, World War Z device Dell showed a more smooth picture (close to 60 f/s). However, for the sake of improved performance, the company had to sacrifice image quality and to run the game on not the highest settings.

Text: To.Hi-tech