New reasons for which rejected the man could have killed the girl model and her family

the TV channel “Russia 1” personally knew student Sebastian Putintseva, who came to her former lover and killed her nephew and the girl’s mother and then killed himself, talk about its psychological aspects.

the 23-year-old model School of Slava Zaitsev Elizabeth Glubinoi they broke up a few months before this tragedy, and Putintsev could not come to terms with it.

As told Vadim Mitrofanov, who knew Elizabeth personally and Sebastian, after a breakup he threatened to kill himself, and then promised Lisa to make a “memorable birthday”.

This he did: killed Lisa two days before her 23rd birthday.

Vadim says that the person he was immoral – he liked to “joke” on the forbidden topics, for example the disabled, and classmates of the University, where he studied, remember that Sevastian was “strange” and “deeply immersed in the theme of the ideology of fascism”.

in addition, it became known that Sevastian was in the army and was replaced at that time five military units, because everywhere he was beaten.

did the parents that their son planned the terrible massacre of those who reject him sweetheart? Heard uncle Elizabeth, who at the time when the killer began to shoot his victims, talking to her mother via video link?

that motivated the killer — the inferiority complex or the idea of “Superman”, and what are the circumstances that preceded the tragedy?

read More about this in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”.