New symptom COVID-19 will help physicians in the treatment of patients with coronavirus

Scientists have discovered a new symptom that is associated with coronavirus and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). The study is published in the official journal of the Institute of the American gastroenterological Association, “Gastroenterology”. The article reports that the receptor ACE2, which is required for cells infected COVID-19, identified not only in cells of the lung tissue, but in the ileum and the colon. These studies confirmed the previous assumption that infection COVID-19 potential and through the digestive tract. The new data will help the doctors for more accurate diagnosis and a treatment plan.

the study involved 254 clinically confirmed patients with coronavirus pneumonia: 115 men and 139 women, mean age of the subjects of 50.6 years (range, 15-87 years). 211 people complained of fever, cough and problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Most of the complaints were received from women is 62.8% against 37.2 per cent. 16 subjects died.

Earlier it was reported that experts from the University of Liverpool have identified a group of patients with COVID-19, among whom were mostly young men with overweight and obesity. In cases of discovered specific symptoms, including General inflammation and high content of sugar and fat in the bloodstream. Later patients were diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, although the signs were not typical of the disease.