a Court in St. Petersburg today will elect the measure of restraint for the detainees on suspicion of preparing terrorist attacks. The meeting will be closed. One of the accused has already been delivered in court. Two suspects were detained on December 27. During the searches found evidence that they were preparing explosions on new year’s holidays in crowded places. It became known later that to detain the attackers helped the information that is conveyed to us intelligence agencies.

the Detainees admitted that he intended to arrange terrorist attacks in St. Petersburg during the Christmas holidays. Two citizens of Russia, the militants are forbidden in our country to ISIS. There is a video where they swore an oath of loyalty to the cause of international terrorism.

they seized knives, ammunition, means of communication. According to the FSB of Russia, there is all evidence to the training these people of terrorist attacks. The militants arrested on the basis of information received “from American partners”, this is the official wording. He gave a tip to the CIA.

Vladimir Putin called Donald Trump and thanked the leader of the United States for the given line of intelligence information that helped prevent terrorist attacks. During the conversation, the presidents agreed to continue cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

the Prevention of a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg speaks volumes more than the effectiveness of cooperation of special services of Russia and the United States, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

This is not the first case of cooperation between Russian and American intelligence services. Two years ago, the US warned the Russian colleagues about the impending attack in the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg. Then revealed a whole underground cell of ISIS, whose members built the bomb in the apartment of Lithuanian on the street. Terrorists detained, as at this time. Then Vladimir Putin also called the Trump. Assured, including that of the Russian intelligence in obtaining information about terrorist threats against the United States will immediately give it to the States.

Then, in the 17th year, the American media wrote a lotand that tramp at the meeting with Sergey Lavrov shared with him some “top secret” information that terrorists planned to blow up a plane flying to America to get the bomb in the laptop. The Russian Minister later said that no secret information trump hasn’t told him, and they talked about how to eliminate the damage caused by the Obama administration, in particular, “interaction of Russia and the USA to combat international terrorism”, which is happening now.

“the Problem of terrorism, she even pushes our politicians to be still closer to each other. All this, of course, classified a lot of information then checked – not days, weeks, and months, and so we in General don’t know about all these contacts, when the head of state thanked the head of another state for the assistance of the intelligence agencies in exposing the perpetrators,” — said the President of the Union “Officers of the “alpha” Alexey Filatov.

At the highest level, return to this subject regularly. Last spring, Donald trump called Putin, and through talking about the issues of strategic stability were discussed, including on combating international terrorism, which Russia is tough.

In the Khabarovsk Krai has just arrested 45-year-old recruiter international terrorist organization. According to the FSB, he first talked to criminals through messengers, and then he entered into the illegal group, were posted on social networks video calling to Fund terrorists. He faces up to 20 years of imprisonment and detained in St. Petersburg fighters. In their relation criminal case under article 205 of involvement in a terrorist organization.