New weapons, marine parade and voting. Shoigu held a conference call

Russia’s Armed forces received more than 700 new and upgraded models of weapons from the beginning of 2020. Among them, 58 helicopters, and 140 combat vehicles and 510 cars, said at the selector meeting in the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

in Addition, the military received the newest strategic submarine missile cruiser “Prince Vladimir” and two ships of the collateral.

as Chief naval parade which will be held July 26 in St. Petersburg, it will be attended by 46 vehicles, 42 airplanes and helicopters, thousands of troops 4, quotes the Minister press service of the defense Ministry. And all the celebrations across the country employ 200 ships, 100 military vehicles, 80 aircrafts and helicopters, about 15 thousand soldiers and officers.

Separately, Sergei Shoigu stopped to vote on amendments to the Constitution of the country. As the Minister said, 90% of soldiers, civilians, veterans of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation and members of their families, have already voted.