for The year 2019 planned W-Series – one of the formula 3 is similar to the Single-seater class for women only – meets in the formula 1 paddock on mixed feelings. For skepticism is the fact that the founding of the Championships is synonymous with an unprecedented separation of the sexes in Motorsport. “But we have to compete eye-to-eye”, calls Tatiana Calderon.

The fresh-baked Clean-test pilot, the “not” is definitely driving in the W-Series, very hard to tell the benefits: “I was always a contestant. I just want to compete against the Best, regardless of sex,” says Calderon, and wishes that girl riding the same career path as all of her rivals: “Who wants to be in formula 1, must by the formula 2.”

However, Calderon was never in the direct substructure of the Premier class under the contract and also drove in the formula 3 European championship and the GP3 series ran also. “It takes longer to get on the track and in the case of people with whom you work, respect,” says the Colombian. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that a male Pilot with such services is to be promoted to the cadre of formula 1 Teams – unless he has a rich dowry in the Luggage.

Claire Williams, team boss of the eponymous racing team and long-standing supporter of Susie Wolff, frowning: “the fact is that our Sport is one of the few in which men and women can Compete”, gets a whiff of a PR potential that the W-Series away. “So something must be emphasized and, therefore, it would be, in my view, more sensible, women against men, to compete and to not disconnect.” The Problem is that this strategy has most recently borne fruit.

At the point of Ex-formula 1 Pilot David Coulthard initiated and Red Bull technical guru Adrian Newey puts in an Advisory capacity, accompanied W-Series: they held auditions, the participants select, so you will need to bring no money or sponsors. In the end, there are 1.5 million US Dollar prize money – $ 500,000 for the overall winner, which can plan for the next steps in your career, regardless of the favor of their sponsors.

“Some of the girls that have issues, a Budget to pull that together, will help the championship,” noted Calderon. Also Williams to the W-Series is not only negative, but praises: “Any Initiative to inspire women to Motorsport, is great and deserves applause.”

Williams driver Lance Stroll speaks of “no bad idea” and says: “There is no doubt that women can drive formula 1.” Nevertheless, he considers that it is not wrong to rely on gender separation: “Be it in Tennis, in football, in hockey or Swimming: Almost everywhere, men and women compete separately. So why not in Motorsport?” Because the physical conditions are not irrelevant, but less strong, could formulate.

Also, the prospective Red-Bull-Pilot Pierry Gasly would like to give the W-Series a Chance: “I have not seen the Tweets of many of my colleagues, that you are just thrilled by such a series. Before I make a judgement, you should give the Girls but a Chance,” he says.

Indistinct clear his future team-mate Max verse of the fall: “I read about it, but I’m not going to give my opinion on it,” said the Dutchman, whose sister Victoria was long a successful kart driver, the breakthrough but failed. “Otherwise, squabbles between people. This is completely unnecessary. There are the series and we have to live with it.”

This article was written by Dominik Sharaf, Adam Cooper & Erwin Jaeggi

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