New year-2020: I met him in Australia, Germany, France and the United States

the New year has come almost all over the world. Now prepare to meet him in America: thousands of people watched in the main square of new York, drop a crystal ball. It symbolizes the coming of the new year.

among the first To the second decade of the twentieth century met in Australia. The authorities decided not to cancel the fireworks, despite the catastrophic forest fires. The petition to desist from fireworks signed by nearly 300 thousand people. However, the fireworks show in Sydney, which is considered one of the most stunning and spectacular in the world, is still held, and looked it over a million spectators.

Then took over the baton in Asia, despite the fact that not all countries in the region to start the New year today.

In China traditionally it is celebrated at the end of January-beginning of February (Lunar calendar), but the Chinese celebrate the new year and the Gregorian calendar together with the world. To Beijing held a concert. Bright fireworks lit up the sky of Hong Kong, the fireworks show was accompanied by a laser animation.

In the United Arab Emirates New year was welcomed with a traditional scale: a show of fountains, light effects and the culmination of the festival. All eyes were on the world’s highest tower Burj Khalifa.

With the coming of the New year light show has just begun. High-rise building has been poured by all flowers, sometimes as if dissolving into the air.

With equal panache saw the New year in Europe.

In Berlin, hundreds of thousands of people gathered near the Brandenburg gate. There traditionally was held the main new year’s show with a concert. The highlight of the program was the fireworks: 10 minutes produced 10 thousand volleys.

Meanwhile, residents of the French capital witnessed a light show on the arc de Triomphe, and then thousands of people watched the fireworks. Special attention of the authorities of Paris have paid to the safety of spectators. Police have been guarding Champs on the perimeter, and forbade to carry by on the main street of the town drunk.

London met new year under the chiming clock, big Ben and the fireworks on the river Thames. The main symbol of great Britain is on the restoration for almost three years, and since the beginning of the works he is mostly silent. Then came the traditional new year’s fireworks: the sky lit up 12 thousand volleys.