New year address of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin

Dear citizens of Russia! Dear friends!

soon will come the year 2020. We are on the threshold of the third decade of the XXI century. We live in a turbulent, dynamic, controversial time, but we can and must do everything to Russia was developing successfully and that everything in our life changed only for the better. Now we are anxiously waiting for midnight, believe and hope that all the wish will come true.

Our personal plans, dreams inseparable from Russia. From the efforts and contributions of each of us depends on the present and the future, the future of our children. Only together can we solve the problems facing the society and country. Our unity is the basis of achieving all the highest objectives.

These values gave us our ancestors – heroic, indomitable generation of winners. In the coming year we will celebrate 75 years of the Victory in the great Patriotic war. I heartily congratulate with new year’s celebrations of veterans and home front workers, older people, all who passed through the ordeal for us, for the future of our country. Low bow to you!

Dear friends!

For the New year, we always prepare in advance and despite many things, the main believe the warmth of human relations and companionship. We strive to do something important, useful, to help those who need our support, please them with gifts and attention.

In such a sincere impulses, in purity, in selfless generosity, and manifested the real magic of the new year holiday. It opens people best features, transforms the world, filling it with joy and smiles.

a Bright new year feeling, a wonderful experience living in the us since childhood and return every year when we embrace our loved ones, our parents, preparing surprises for the children and grandchildren, together with them, decorate the Christmas tree, pull out figures from a cardboard, glass balls and garlands. These are sometimes old, but loved family toys give up its heat to the younger generationments.

of Course, every family has its Christmas traditions, but all United by the atmosphere of kindness and care. Let the happiness of understanding will dwell in your house, will help to overcome all difficulties, unite generations. Let the parents be healthy and always feel your attention, and each child knows that he is the most beloved.


the New year is already at the door. We wish each other and our country peace, welfare and prosperity.

congratulations! With the New, 2020!