The NHL offseason is always full of surprises and excitement, with every move potentially leading to bigger changes in the league. As we eagerly await to see how the dominoes fall this summer, there are a few key scenarios involving superstar players that could have a major impact on the landscape of the NHL.

One such scenario is the possibility of the New York Rangers signing Jake Guentzel. If this move were to happen, it could set off a chain reaction of trades and free agent signings that would shake up the league. Guentzel is a talented player who could bring a new dynamic to the Rangers lineup, and his addition could force other teams to make bold moves in response.

But the Rangers signing Guentzel is just one of many potential game-changing moves that could happen this offseason. With players like Mitch Marner and Steven Stamkos also potentially on the move, the NHL landscape is ripe for significant shifts in power. Whether these scenarios come to fruition or not, one thing is for certain: the offseason is sure to be full of excitement and intrigue.

As fans eagerly wait to see how these scenarios unfold, one thing is clear: the NHL offseason is a time of uncertainty and opportunity. Every move has the potential to reshape the league and create new contenders for the Stanley Cup. So buckle up, hockey fans, because the offseason is just getting started and anything can happen in the world of the NHL.