the pre-Christmas match Night League hockey game traditionally held on red square. Number 11 went out on the ice the President of Russia. The team of Vladimir Putin won with a score of 8-5. How was the game?

Winter in Moscow is warm and snowless, but the ice on the red square — perfect. On the court under 11-m number warming up Vladimir Putin. It’s a match Night League, red against white.

“it’s nice to play hockey. This thing we love and I personally am glad that our leaders, especially Mr President, pay attention and love hockey,” says three-time world champion Sergei Fedorov.

the President is the Minister of defence Sergei Shoigu on the sweater number 13. In their team are world Champions and Olympic games. A white form — governors, businessmen and hockey legends.

the More iconic places to play hockey and think hard: center of Russia, the center of Moscow, the center of red square.

“to Play on red square — an indescribable feeling,” explains two-time Olympic champion Alexander Yakushev.

the First goal scored by “white,” the President’s team is going to win. Vladimir Putin is constantly in the struggle, at the point of attack.

Finally, the Keeper of the opponents manage to break through. Shots of the President in this day reflect the Tula Governor Alexey Dyumin. And so successfully that the break had to explain.

“I play in a team that plays against the President of the Russian Federation, against legends. Of course, it’s not easy; it is the psychological pressure, this pressure from Olympic legends, but we try,” — said the official.

a Break in a warm cafe — the ability to communicate. Sergei Shoigu, it seems, is telling the President about Internet video speed eating corn. And businessman Gennady Timchenko calls to improve hockey skills. There is a time and congratulate you on the birthday of Olympic champion Vitali Prokhorov. But the audience already call on the ice.

the Game is persistent, everything is decided at the last minute: the Minister of defence has scored a free throw, another puck — and on account of the President.

“the President played it cool — says the Olympic champion Valery Kamensky, — his schedule is tough, but he shows good hockey.”

the Final score 8:5 in favor of “red”. Vladimir Putin is making a victory lap, and the old tradition of teams shaking hands.