Nikol Giorgeva Del Piragüismo Duero Zamora Secures 8th Place in the Spanish Marathon Championship

Nikol Giorgeva, a member of the Piragüismo Duero Zamora team, has achieved a remarkable feat at the recent Spanish Marathon Championship held this past weekend in Castrelo do Miño (Orense). Competing against 36 other athletes in her category, Giorgeva secured the eighth spot, showcasing her talent and determination.

The club is proud of Giorgeva’s performance, as she represented the colors of Piragüismo Duero Zamora with honor at this important national event. Her dedication and hard work were instrumental in achieving this outstanding result, and her teammates and supporters are thrilled to see her succeed.

This achievement highlights Giorgeva’s skills and commitment to the sport of canoeing, as well as the strong presence of Piragüismo Duero Zamora in the competitive paddling scene. As the team continues to excel in various championships, Giorgeva’s success serves as motivation for aspiring athletes and a testament to the club’s training program and support system.

Overall, Nikol Giorgeva’s performance at the Spanish Marathon Championship is a testament to her talent and dedication, solidifying her as a rising star in the world of canoeing. Her success is a source of pride for Piragüismo Duero Zamora and a reflection of the club’s commitment to excellence in the sport.