to Throw off the shackles of boring Alliance of company “Nissan”. The automaker has stepped up the development of a plan to end cooperation with the French concern “Renault”.

according to the newspaper Financial Times, talking about a complete gap in technical and production fields as well as major changes in the management Board. The scandal surrounding the former head of the Alliance Carlos Ghosn was the only catalyst, whereas the main reason, as stated, lies in the accumulated contradictions and financial failures of the Japanese giant.

against the background of a record low over the past nine years net profit and sales decline in all major markets of the stock “Nissan” over the last year fell more than 30%. Of adds fuel to the fire is also the inexorable grip of the global automobile market. In such conditions, experts say, the manufacturer can’t afford to be without allies, so if the Alliance “Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi” and destined to fall apart, all its members are doomed to search for new partners, reports channel “Russia 24”.