The German water polo players cannot be said to be spoiled for success. Others are world leaders, they fight to catch up internationally. Quite apart from the conditions under which you practice competitive sports, another thing is also elementary, for example, to be there again at the next Olympic Games: match practice. And internationally, against top opponents. It’s only annoying if you – like the Germans – can’t take part in the European Championship. Because the money is missing.

A vicious circle. And a pretty bitter thing. But now the players and coaches can still pack their bags for the European Championships in Split from August 27 – thanks to a fundraising campaign. National coach Sven Schulz is relieved and grateful. “Participating in the European Championship is a dream come true for the players,” he says. “It is very important for the further development of our very young team that we can measure ourselves against the best teams on the continent.”

The campaign had become necessary because women’s water polo in the adult sector did not receive any public funds to finance participation in the European Championships according to the most recent potential analysis in German sport (Potas). Funds had to be raised in other ways. That this actually succeeded is anything but a matter of course, after all it was not just a matter of a few 100 euros.

The fundraising campaign initiated by the Germany Water Polo National Team Promotion Association brought in 42,000 euros, as the German Swimming Association (DSV) has now announced. Originally, around 50,000 euros had been estimated for the EM participation, but the sum could be reduced.

“We worked closely with the European swimming association Len and were thus able to negotiate alternative accommodation for the team that is cheaper but still offers the same service,” said DSV competitive sports director Christian Hansmann.