Nobody is forgotten: Vyatka opened a monument to soldiers of the great Patriotic

In the Kirov region opened a memorial to the fighters 311-th infantry division. During the war she participated in the defense and blockade of Leningrad, the liberation of Belarus, the Baltic States, Poland and the capture of Berlin.

the long-Awaited event for the residents of the suburban — opening of the memorial complex dedicated to the soldiers of the 311-th division. After bas-relief remove the cloth, there laying the capsule with earth from the battlefields of the division.

the Earth brought fighters of search group “Memory 311 rifle division”. The group was created recently, for the soldiers of the trip was the first.

“the Purpose of our trip was gathering information, visiting the memorial, mass graves, three divisional cemeteries 311 th division. Here in July we’ll go on first watch memory, with the young men who are 15-16 years, they are the first time I will go to watch the memory rise in the unburied remains of soldiers,” — said Marina kolevatyh, the commander of search group “Memory 311 diabetes.”

the memorial includes bas-relief plate indicating the combat path of the division and busts to the heroes of the division commander Boris Vladimirov and commander 1069 regiment Sahibu Habibulina. For the opening ceremony arrived and the head of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov.

“Sahib Khabibulin is the man who was born in the Sabine district, where my parents, there is school, where I studied. We were on the heroism of these people,” — said Rustam Minnikhanov, the President of the Republic of Tatarstan.

311-th infantry division was formed in July 1941. In the first part of the call about 11 thousands of inhabitants of the Kirov region. All the years of the war, the division fought approximately two hundred thousand people.

to See the history of the fighting on the photographs — the exhibition is organized in the alley near the memorial. Here archives frontline photographer Daniel Anohina, the inhabitant Slobodsky. Although his main duty was making photos for party tickets, he sucI do a lot of unique images.

“These narrative pictures, which he did during all these four years of war, it is his personal initiative. And it is these photos printed, distributed to the soldiers and they sent them home”, — says Olga Chetverikova, granddaughter frontline photographer Daniel Anohina.

A house in the rear, meanwhile, worked tirelessly, producing weapons for the front. In the Kirov region exploded shells, here people were evacuated from the combat zone.

“More than 300 thousand people from all corners of the Soviet Union was evacuated to Kirov. Enterprises, small children with their mothers, parents. Bolshoi Drama theater in Saint Petersburg was evacuated, the puppet theatre. Life did not stop for one minute,” — says Igor Vasiliev, the Governor of the Kirov region.

the memorial is now locals come to lay flowers and pay tribute to fallen soldiers.