the gas Pipeline “Nord stream–2” will be completed, despite US pressure, confident in the foreign Ministry.

In a statement the Ministry of foreign Affairs stresses that some us senators directly threaten the contractors “Nord stream-2”, RIA Novosti reported. Of course, this is not a concern for the energy security of Europe, as an example of unfair competition under the guise of political slogans and the pushing of expensive American reduced natural times for the European market.

“Sober-minded Europeans benefit from the creation of additional export route for gas is obvious,” — said the Minister.

on the Eve of the Federal network Agency of Germany has accepted the application from Nord Stream AG Nord stream AG 2 for removal of the pipeline “Nord stream” and “Nord stream-2” from the operation of the EU Gas Directive. The procedure must be completed before may 23, according to TASS.

on 11 January, visited Moscow German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It is called “Nord stream-2” the right project that Germany will continue to support. In her opinion, it can be implemented, despite us sanctions.