January 11 in Moscow with one-day working visit to Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany. This time Putin has met her without colours, at least this was not reported. And the mood of the meeting was very businesslike, and the Russian President met the German Chancellor at the entrance, as has happened before, and right in the room for negotiations.

From the Elevator, turn right, then right and right again. For talks with the Russian President, German Chancellor goes through the long corridors of the Kremlin. But Angela Merkel seems to have come to the realization that probably this is the only way by which we can approach the solution of many acute global crisis. With a guard greeted me in Russian. And at last, he was Executive hall.

the last time Angela Merkel was the Kremlin 5 years ago, it is symbolic that this new political year, it opens exactly in the center of the Russian capital. This is a sign that Moscow and Berlin are trying to restart bilateral relations and coordinate efforts to address global problems.

a Sharp, threatening to spiral completely out of control fever in Iran. The war in Libya. The need to resolve the situation in Syria and the Donbass. And American intervention in the Russo-German “Nord stream-2”. Leaders had to discuss.

“Dear Madam Chancellor, allow me to warmly welcome you to the Moscow Kremlin. We are in constant contact are. Do and internal issues, economic, political, and international issues,” — said Vladimir Putin.

“we Have a whole list of different themes which you and want to talk. It is Libya, Syria, multiprocess. I’m always convinced that it is better to talk to each other than about each other”, — said Merkel.

Exactly with each other, Putin and Merkel said. First, even without translators: the President — free German. Then Merkel energetic gesture called flew with her Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Heiko Maas. At the same time came the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Communicated in an even more enlarged. The negotiations lasted over 3.5 hours, exceeding the scheduled time for an hour. In the end, the parties confirmed that, despite American sanctions, the gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” will work.

“We will definitely be able to finish on their own without the involvement of foreign partners. The question of the timing is the only question that arises in this regard. Of course, completion to be sidelined for several months. But I hope that before the end of this year or the first quarter of next year the work will be completed, the pipeline will work,” Putin said.

“We believe that this is the right project. I think it can be implemented, despite us sanctions. The Russian President talked about the fact that there will be some delay, but the project will be implemented. And here I want to emphasize once again that despite all political problems, we believe that sanctions are the wrong way, and so we will continue to support this project, as we did in the past,” — said Merkel.

For Germany, which until then had only imposed sanctions, including against Russia, this new — to sanctions against its strategically important project, and the major allies — the United States. But because the German journalists decided to clarify how in such conditions the closer the positions of Moscow and Berlin.

– We heard that there is a unity in many opinions, sometimes contrary to the opinion of Americans. In the future if we can assume that there will be more cooperation between Russia and the European Union, and may be against the United States?

I was talking about the example where there are differences of opinion with the Americans, although they are our allies with whom we work together on many issues. But with the Germanand European points of view, we primarily represent our interests. Russia represents and identifies their interests. And here we must look at where there are common interests. And we found them, despite all the difficulties, — said Angela Merkel.

In the common interest — an end to the bloodshed in Libya. Russia supported the initiative of Germany to be held in Berlin a special conference with the participation of the conflicting parties. Putin commented on the alleged Russian mercenaries in Libya.

“If there are Russian citizens. They do not represent the interests of the Russian state and money from the Russian state, not getting. In General in the conflict zone a lot of mercenaries, including, according to our data, a significant number of mercenaries brought in from Iglinskiy zone in Syria in the conflict zone in Libya. This is a very dangerous process. Mr Erdogan also spoke about this. We hope that after our agreement and we believe that they will be executed and the conflicting parties in Syria to cease hostilities, at the same time will stop and the transfer to Libya of additional contingents of mercenaries, including from the Syrian Arab Republic”, — said Putin.

About the outcome of his talks with Turkish President Erdogan and Bashar al-Assad, Putin told Merkel personally. The first-hand information from across a range of issues — is that the Chancellor could only get in Moscow. This fact tried to reflect on all the leading German media.

“In Syria, Putin cooperates closely with Turkey, despite different interests. The German Federal government looks at all this from the side. Berlin — just a visitor outside the fence,” wrote Spiegel.

“as for Syria, sooner to resolve such conflicts, it was decided to call Washington. Today it is necessary to call to Moscow. Without Russia solve the problems of the region is impossible,” said Das Erst.

Russian prethe President asked whether, in his opinion, because of the conflict between the US and Iran to start a real war?

“as for the situation in General, I hope, to large-scale military conflicts will not come. The fact that there is a war going on, and so we see. Killing people is a fact. Very were anxious to avoid large-scale fighting. If this happens, it will be a disaster not only for the Middle East, it is for the whole world”, — said Putin.

the Russian President was the first world leader, who had spoken to the President of France Emmanuel macron, learning about the American drone attack. And almost immediately after talks with Angela Merkel in the Kremlin the Russian leader had a telephone conversation with Erdogan. In the background sounding at the growing military threats is a convincing reminder that there are diplomatic victories.

Text: “News of the week”